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Steam Launches Remote Play ('Out-Home') streaming


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Valve has added out-of-home streaming support to Steam In-Home Streaming, and renamed the service Steam Remote Play following the new addition.

That previous version of Steam Remote Play only supported streaming for devices on the same network, allowing Steam users to use a computer to remotely access the Steam library of another system connected to the same internet connection.

With the latest Steam client update however, players are able to access the Steam library of their in-home machines using a computer connected to a different network as long as “there is a good network connection on both sides and they are close to a Steam datacenter.”

The addition comes as more and more companies are starting to offer their own services and subscriptions aimed at making it easier for players to access game libraries on the go. Steam hasn’t entirely taken to the cloud just quite yet, but the expanded feature does lightly approach the same on-the-fly access promised by cloud-based services like Google Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud.


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1 hour ago, Jason said:

I'm sure this is shit for anything where reaction time matters, but sounds great for turn based games. 

I mean, I'm sure everyone here being old as shit is already bad for games where reaction times matter, and that hasn't stopped anyone!

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