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"Chef" is a hell of an amazing film so this was a great idea that I'm happy these guys got to pursue. So far my favorite is episode 3 where not only do they revisit a lot of the recipes but Babish shows up as a guest (great cooking channel on Youtube if you wanna look him up its "Binging with Babish")


Also, for anyone who loves slow roasted pork that is mouth watering, succulent, melts on your tongue when you taste it pork with an explosion of ALL the flavors, then definitely do yourselves a favor and recreate that marinated & rubbed mojo pork. You'll crave that shit constantly afterwards! It may very well be the BEST way to cook a Boston butt of pork!

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I love shows like this...but also hate when they do stuff like "just use your giant smoker to smoke the pig whole, then your stone pizza oven to get the shrimp ready, and then your gas range to make the eggs!" Bitch, I got electric elements on my stove and a microwave!

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