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Unexplored 2 (hardcore roguelike with a big emphasis of creating a sense of adventure) - PC Gaming Show 2019 Trailer

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Unexplored 2 is a hardcore roguelike with a big emphasis of creating a sense of adventure. But how you interact with the world and the choices you make can have big consequences on your subsequent playthroughs.


PC Gamer article: Unexplored 2 is a bold, ambitious roguelike about adventuring across a vast world


It started, as so many games do, with Lord of the Rings. But not with the fantasy tropes of elves and dwarves, goblins and wizards. The vision for Unexplored 2 started with adventure—that sense of a grand journey, the fellowship crossing all of Middle-earth on a quest to save it. You need to feel isolated and small in a vast world. You need to carve your own path. And you definitely need to get out of the dungeon.


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