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EA Play 2019 Viewing and Discussion Thread

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1 minute ago, Keyser_Soze said:


Yeah but GOW 2018 is Uncharted with a GOW skin

True, but I like GOW and not Uncharted. GOW made me like the Sony "style". But only for GOW. I still really dislike Sony's AAA style. And that is why this game looks bad.

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4 minutes ago, AbsolutSurgen said:

My kids thought that Fallen Order looked fun. However, I agree with @SFLUFAN, the combat appeared way to slow to be an action game. And they didn’t show anything that made the traversal look interesting. 


I really don’t see the comparisons to GoW. 





I'm watching it now on Youtube on my TV and I don't see ANY of the complaints that were made in this thread. This looks like an early stage so combat will likely improve as the game progresses and aside from both being third person action games, I don't see the comparison to GOW either. The speed of the combat looks to be on par with other third person action games that aren't Devil May Cry or developed by Platinum games Game looks fun to me :shrug:


The characters look rough in the cutscenes though but I expect that to improve... at least I hope so :p

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21 minutes ago, Paperclyp said:

Why would that be? 


There’s a variety of action game styles. 

If it is not an action game (i.e. is an action-adventure (i.e. AC/Last of Us/Uncharted/God of War 2018)/action-RPG (i.e.Witcher 3) or open world (GTA) game) then I can understand the slower paced combat.  If it's a pure action game -- then doesn't it make sense to compare it to DMC/Platinum?


If the vertical slice is representative of the actual gameplay  (walking from monster arena to monster arena) -- then the combat is what has to carry the game, and I didn't see that in this demo.

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