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Developing Hearts of Iron IV: the past, present, and future of gaming’s deepest WW2 sim

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Paradox reflects on over three years of development, and looks forward to Korea and Raiders of the Lost Ark

Paradox’s World War II grand strategy game, Hearts of Iron IV, turns three years old today. If it had released on the day the war started, we’d be deep into the Battle of Stalingrad by now. And it hasn’t always been smooth terrain for its thousands of simulated tanks and half-tracks to cross. But despite a few setbacks, the team behind Hearts of Iron is still revving to make it bigger and better.


This one's for you @Zaku3

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This game is glorious. I am in a lobby right now waiting on players. A grand strategy game you can play with up to 32 players is a life changing experience. I just wish the player base understood you need to set liken7-8 hours for a game. 


If anyone is ever down to play just let me know. I have over 700 hours so far. I want to get into the other games like EU4 and CK2 but I need more time. I am attempting to master the UK at present will move on to the glorious USSR once I feel I have the UK down.

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