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Google Stadia Connect - June 6th Launch Info, update - Baldur's Gate III, Destiny 2 rumored to be announced


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As a stadia beta user, I can say that it was a noticeable step backwards from playing AC:O locally on a gaming PC with just a GTX-1070:

1)  Even though it was supposed to be streaming 60 fps, it was only rendering at 30 fps -- it was noticeably choppy

2)  Sound was mono

3)  I saw noticeably macroblocking every 10-20 minutes or so as my internet hitched (because it can't buffer)

4)  Controller latency was better than I had expected, but was still very apparent

5)  When I switched from ethernet to WiFi, everything got worse

6)  Lots of compression artifacts (like you would see an a typical internet streaming video)

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