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1492 is the most important year


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Just.. wow. Everything about it. 800 years of war led to Spain reconquering the Iberian peninsula from the Nasrid family, it's the culmination of Eastern and Western culture into one people. Columbus witnessed the fall of Granada, and that same year he sailed to America. Spain had fought to reconquest land for 800 fucking years, it's all they knew generations after generation, when they arrived here, all guys like Cortez had to do is expose rifts between brothers just like they did with the Moors. The reconquest was just practice for colonization. Cortez was aided in taking out the Aztecs not just by disease but also the hate of the Aztecs all other Mexican tribes had. Just... That one year and a few moments changed everything, everywhere, at one point. The expulsion of the Jews and Moors led to so much middle eastern influence in Latin America. So many of us wouldn't exist if this crazy year would have been different. Rest in Peace Muhammad XII, thank you. 

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