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everyone shut the fuck up


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Today was the first time I didn't really have to wait in line at the post office. I also didn't get much sleep so I am kinda tired. I was hungry and instead of eating good food I just filled myself up on chex mix. I have both cheese and traditional chex mix. I also have White Cheddar Cheetos but I haven't eaten of those yet. For the past few week I have started buying two packs of kool-aid bottles and drinking a pack on Saturday and a pack on Sunday. I get the blue flavor of course. Blue Mondo's might better, but their bottles are a bit too stiff for my liking. Last night I ate a whole pack of strawberries. They were great. I don't know what I am going to eat for dinner. Maybe I'll just eat some kettle corn and not bother making any meals. Prolly make some mac n cheese tho or eat some rice krispies. I got honey combs but I don't want to open that until I finish my other cereal. I wish I had gotten some slim jims, but I didn't. I really want pizza, but I always want pizza. Not just any pizza, the pizza from my favorite local place. Oh, and Snapple has finally started making big containers of Snapple Apple so I get that now too. It is nice not having to pay 5-6 bucks for 6 12 oz bottles. Now I can just pay 2 bucks for 64 oz. I have some sausage to make, but I don't want stand there and fry it up right now. I just opened a Mango Monster. Shit is good. And I really need to take the trash out and do some dishes. Both are piling up. 

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3 minutes ago, Bacon said:

I keep forgetting to get some dove chocolate. It is prolly the best milk chocolate bar you can get around these parts. I know there is better chocolate but I can't get it. 


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