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Phantom Doctrine (Cold War XCOM) - August 14 release for PC/XB1/PS4 ($39.99)


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Some of the very positive previews:


Phantom Doctrine is much more than a Cold War XCOM (RPS)

The closer you look, the less of XCOM there is to see. It’s the machinery beneath the surface that makes Phantom Doctrine tick and I reckon it’s complex enough that I’ll enjoy getting my hands dirty and picking it apart.


XCOM-like tactical espionage thriller Phantom Doctrine was my Gamescom highlight (RPS)

Three Days of the Condor and The Manchurian Candidate reimagined as components in a complex strrategy game. I didn’t realise how much I wanted to play it until I saw that it existed and now, I’ll be following its development as closely as anything else out there.


Phantom Doctrine is a Cold War take on XCOM with spies instead of aliens (PCGamesN)

This was the first time I’d seen anything of Phantom Doctrine and it was an impressive slice of game. It’s fascinating seeing the XCOM formula applied to something closer to home than alien invasions, and to see so many tropes of spy thrillers adapted and recreated for a game. How well all its systems work together, however, will only become clear when we can get our hands on the game for ourselves.


Hands-on with turn-based Cold War spy thriller Phantom Doctrine (PC Gamer)

One of the most promising things about Phantom Doctrine is that it seems happy to allow for both stealth and shootier strategies, as well as an adaptive blend of both (building on XCOM 2's groundwork in that respect). Being herded into one or the other for an entire campaign could get dull, but having the freedom to switch things up when necessary makes it stand out from the increasingly crowded genre of turn-based tactics games. Plus, I think I could happily connect lines of string between names on that corkboard for hours.



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