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My GoFundMe, please read. Need help asap.

noey jerd

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So I have all this medical shit happening in the next few weeks that we need to pay. 1 procedure and 2 surgeries but we just got a notice from our landlord that we need to pay 3,109$ by the 22nd or we are evicted. Wife was pre-occupied the few months that we owe because I was sick in the hospital early this year with the infection. We thought everything was fine with them cause there was no communication what so ever with us. We are going to borrow some money from people here but if anyone could donate to my gofundme at gofundme.com/noeyjerd I would be very grateful. Getting sick fucked us with money. Just when we thought we were getting back on our feet this happens. So please, if you can, please donate. If you don't already know, you can read what happened beginning of this year in the recent update. This is our fault and I am asking for your help. Thank you for reading and again, I am super sorry for even having to ask this.

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Thank you so much. On top of this I'm going into surgery cause my fistula didn't heal right. I'm mad.. it was a mistake but this should be taken care of. I don't mess with the money cause I trust her but some where along the lines something fucked up while I was sick.. she said she kept seeing the security deposit and thought it was a credit cause we usually over pay but.... Meh... It doesn't matter what's done is done and I want to thank you all who helped so far and those of you who may in the future. 

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Well FUCK!


     Dude, so hope your doing better. As many know I've just went through the most fucked up 6months I could have imagined! That is no understatement. Hang in there, it will get better, remember that. Time heals most wounds. Sorry I missed your GoFund me link. We couldn't have given much, but would've give something.


    I jumped in here because I wanted to say this Site our Day1Patch is an amazingly diverse set of individuals that as a whole I consider family. They helped me very much, not only through a gofund me, but with kind words of encouragement in a seemingly impossible situating we were/are going through. Chin up, stay strong. Don't hesitate to ask for help . . . 

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