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Did you have a lunch card in school?


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Almost always brought my lunch. Cafeteria food was generally nasty. Occasionally I'd get a burger and for some reason I liked the chicken nuggets back then. And my school would often have Pizza Hut or Pizza Inn brought in on Wednesdays so I'd eat that. 


I don't think I ever ate in the cafeteria once I got to high school. It was on a different part of the campus and once you made the trek to it, you hardly had time to eat and get back in time. 


I can't really remember how I paid for it. I'm thinking at some point the students had a card for their accounts and money was put on it maybe? Been too long. 

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I had a card, used it pretty regularly through freshman year. Dad kept money on it. I think we silently agreed that it was just easier than extra grocery shopping and packing a lunch every day. And our cafeteria food wasn’t terrible.


By sophomore year, we were allowed to leave for lunch, and I went out with friends almost every day. We ate so much fast food during those years, it kinda sickens me to think about it. 

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I am actually trying to remember what I did in grade school. I went to private school and it was pretty regimented. There was no choice on food. Everyone went through the line and got the same 4 or 5 food items of that day(if I remember right, you couldn't even choose to not take something). What I am having trouble remembering is whether I paid, or it was "free" and included with the tuition. Thinking back, I think the food was "free", but at the end of the line you could choose whether or not to get a milk and you had to pay for that.


Then in high school it was public and the exact opposite. It was essentially an open lunch counter. Pick from a bunch of different stuff and pay cash at the end.


I liked it in high school because you didn't even have to go through the line if you didn't want. I don't think I ever bought a single bit of food from that cafeteria. What I hated about grade school was that I had to spend time going through the line, getting all the food, sit there with it all lunch long, and then just getting up and throwing it all away.

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The controversy started on March 28, Kimball said, when a student went through her lunch line, and she rang him up.

But the student didn’t have enough money to pay for his lunch, so she let him take the food, Kimball said.

She whispered to him to tell his mother that he needed more money. The next day, the boy had money, but she was fired for “theft” that afternoon, Kimball said.


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