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LTTP: Shadow of War


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I just recently started playing Shadow of War.  I initially didn't buy it because I was scared off from all the loot box talk.  Then I purchased it on a sale this spring and about a week ago finally dove in.  I enjoyed the first game in the series.  My thoughts so far - 


- I think the frequency of fighting the boss characters (whatever they are called) is a little too high.  Early on I died several times because while I was fighting one - two more pop in to the fight.  Early in the game you don't have the tools to fend off that many enemies.  Which feeds directly into my second point.


- I hate in games like this (batman series, AC series etc) that you start the game somehow forgetting or losing all of your abilities from the previous game.  In this game they come up with a reason for not being able to dominate other characters until part 2, but that does not explain the loss of every other ability.  It feels like the first quarter of all these games is playing through the exact same origin story again.  Learning all the same abilities that you already earned in the previous game.  I know for new players to the series it is a good introduction because there are a lot of things to know once you can do everything... but it really feels like filler when I'm slogging through it.


-About the time that part 2 begins I really started to enjoy the game.  Being assaulted by multiple bosses at once isn't a problem any longer it is more of a welcome challenge because I finally have the majority of tools available to me to handle crowds.  I love attacking a group by using stealth and dominating all the archers in an area.  I love the feel of the fights.  They did a good job nailing the flow of fights.  


-Graphics are pretty good.  Just came off playing Hellblade and it does not look quite as good as that - but very good.  Also the variation in enemy type is great.  I love all the different sizes and types of baddies to fight.  Things have not gotten boring so far... but I have a ways to go yet.


-If a problem exists with loot boxes I haven't run into it yet.  From my understanding it is and end game issue and many of you said it isn't an issue at all so I guess I will see.

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I beat the whole game without purchasing one loot box with real money. You can use in-game currency to hire captains, but that's not really a bad thing.


The sieges are a ton of fun. They probably could have removed a couple stages during the end game, but sieges as a whole feel great, especially when you're losing and enemies are breaking down walls.

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12 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:


That goes for any game with loot boxes.

You wouldn't know that the way gamers bitch about them. I never spent any real money on a game that had them and never saw the need to. The Shadow of War thread that was up when this game came out was fucking ridiculous and full of outright misinformation.

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