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Senator Hawley announces the PCfAG Act banning loot boxes, pay-to-win mechanics, update - Kotaku's Jason Schreier interviews Senator Hawley, Democrats signal bi-partisan support

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I'm conflicted on this. 


On the one hand, I'm not one for government regulations on video games at all. 


On the other hand, microtransactions and lootboxes are a complete cancer in the video game industry, and are the source of the worst parts of the industry.  Not to mention that the industry itself has done a piss-poor job of regulating itself, so the threat of government regulation is pretty much the last resort here.

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We look forward to sharing with the senator the tools and information the industry already provides that keeps the control of in-game spending in parents’ hands. Parents already have the ability to limit or prohibit in-game purchases with easy to use parental controls."

I think it's enough that parents have a way of controlling these in-game purchases in these types of games.

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