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Supposed leak of off screen Assassin's Creed: Ragnarok, update - you've all been had!


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14 minutes ago, Man of Culture said:

Definitely not modded Skyrim.

How can you tell? (I know the text communication on the internet makes everything sound like a sarcastic question/comment, so please note this is a genuine request to understand!:p)

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Ah, gotcha! Well, If not skyrim, perhaps a mod of another game? I say mod, because, frankly, the graphics displayed in these images look somewhat slapped together. Granted the off screen camera grab is doing it no favors, but AC games generally look pretty sharp even when leaked. Look at Origins leaked image from a few years back:



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– Player has ability to change outfits on the fly, which can speed up or slow down notoriety build up in different kingdoms and stop Sheriffs coming after you


I hope "sheriffs" are bounty hunters, because I honestly greatly preferred the bounty system in Odyssey over the notoriety systems in previous AC games.



– Larger emphasis on build and armor usage.


Sure, but AC Ragnarok better give me a hot vicious valkyrie warrior to play dress up with. I'd be okay with some wolf pelt bikinis.



– Game is more focused on exploration, removing question marks on the map, and making players want to explore locations for better loot (like Breath of the Wild)


I hope they give us the option again, like in Odyssey, to have objectives and stuff show up on the map. I personally would fall asleep running from point A to point B in BotW and if these maps are really going to get bigger and bigger, I'd rather know if there's something worth getting to at the top of a mountain before I spent 20 minutes climbing up it.



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