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Wade's Physical Books Giveaway - Last Chance Round

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The following titles catch my eye:

Arsenals of Folly 

Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar

The Fall of Berlin 1945


I'd like to claim them!



Also, I highly recommend The Dead Hand if any of you want to be paranoid about something else in life. I already have a copy :sun:

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6 minutes ago, CastlevaniaNut18 said:

Apologies, I'm with family this weekend, my grandfather passed. Haven't really been here much. 


I wouldn't mind Killing Pablo and Ghost Wars. Thanks. 

My sympathies to you and your family :(


I'll get those books off to you tomorrow or Monday!

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I am actually going through them right now, Wade.


I feel like the other batches had more subtitles to indicate what they are about, so I am looking some up.


So far I would like Warlord and The Fall of the British Empire. I am guessing the Peace to End All Peace is about the Versailles treaty(in which case I am definitely interested), but that's one I am looking up beforehand.

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@Chairslinger - The Guns at Last Light is the final volume of the Liberation Trilogy and The Day of Battle is the second - would you like that one as well?  An Army at Dawn is the first book, but I no longer have that one.


The trilogy is in order of American involvement in the European theater:

An Army at Dawn - North Africa (Operation Torch)

The Day of Battle - Sicily/Italy (Operation Husky)

The Guns at Last Light - Northeast Europe (Operation Overlord)

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Alright - I've got the books for @johnny and @Chairslinger (who needs to let me know if he's interested in The Day of Battle) ready to go!


Any WWII fans interested in Absolute War: Soviet Russia in the Second World War as a last minute addition?  I'm looking at you @CastlevaniaNut18 and @Chairslinger :p or are you totally satisfied with your acquisitions?

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