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English Trump resigns as UK Foreign Secretary over Cabinet approval for "soft Brexit"

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7 minutes ago, TwinIon said:

They haven't yet solved any of the rather intractable issues surrounding Brexit yet, have they?


Assuming this government falls apart, who is more likely to pick up seats?

Not a single issue involving Brexit has been resolved.  In fact, the UK government didn't have a concrete plan regarding trade until this past weekend which has led to this situation.


Labour would pick up seats but probably not enough to form a majority government and they will have problems finding coalition partners.


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24 minutes ago, CitizenVectron said:

And isn't Corbyn pro-Brexit at this point? I admit I'm rusty on my UK politics.


If he was anti-Brexit, then some sort of Union government might be possible with the anti-Brexit Conservative MPs in some sort of caretaker role in order to reverse Brexit.

Corbyn's political history indicates a consistent Euroskeptic/anti-EU position, which isn't out-of-line at all for someone with Leftist economic views.

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From The Guardian:


The former foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, has told the prime minister the UK is “headed for the status of colony” under the approach the cabinet adopted at Chequers on Friday. In his resignation letter to Theresa May, he added that the Brexit “dream is dying”.


Describing May’s position, which he – along with the rest of the cabinet – initially backed, as just an opening offer that would be watered down yet further during negotiations, Johnson wrote:


"It is as though we are sending our vanguard into battle with the white flags fluttering above them."


He told the prime minister he believed the UK was “heading for a semi-Brexit”.

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