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Xbox Aids Dept. of Veterans Affairs In Making Gaming More Accessible


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Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs are joining forces to offer the Xbox Adaptive Controller to VA rehab centers across the United States.


The controller and additional gaming services will be brought to 22 different facilities in a bid to make gaming more accessible to those with limited mobility. In terms of how this affects veterans, according to Xbox, “it can mean the loss of connection to community and an activity that was a significant part of their lives during service.”


The partnership will help ensure veterans can use controllers and other adaptive peripherals and games as part of therapeutic and rehabilitative activities meant to help improve their hand-eye coordination and overall participation in social activities – which in turn means improving mental health, offering new recreational options, and helping to ensure veterans have a place they can enjoy activities they once did.


Staff at designated VA facilities will work with veterans using the equipment provided by Microsoft and offer feedback on the program. The same Xbox Adaptive Controllers and additional equipment will be made available for veterans to use at any events hosted by the VA’s Office of National Veterans Sports Programs and Special Events like the National Veterans Wheelchair Games.


Additional details on the initiative can be found at Microsoft’s official blog.


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That's awesome. Can't wait for Kinda Funny to talk about this for 30 seconds.


"Today MS announced a joint effort with the US VA to use the adaptive controller to rehab disabled veterans."

"Wow, that's really cool."

"BUT NEXT! Sony announces a Scratch N Sniff DS4"

*talks for the next 45 minutes about how revolutionary Sony is and how fun it is to sniff things*



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