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Dashcam video in Venice, Florida contradicts police report on man they slammed to ground

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So here's the story:



The officers received a description of the suspects — one with a dark shirt and a dog and another with blonde hair and a grey/maroon hoodie — minutes before arriving.


They saw 19-year-old Ethan Skyler Waters standing outside the motel talking on a cell phone, and parked next to him.


Waters did not appear worried that the police were there. Police later learned he was a guest at the motel and not a burglar.


The officers spoke to a female housekeeper, who cannot be seen in the video, and she said “he broke into the room through a window.” She didn’t know Waters’ roommate had told motel managers Waters would be using the window to come and go, in lieu of a key.


Creasey pointed at Waters to confirm he was the suspect.

The dashcam footage shows that Waters walked toward Venice police officers, and tried to talk to them.

But the police report describes him as hostile, “posturing, tensing and not complying with officer’s commands to take his hands out of his pockets.”

The video also shows that Waters did not have time to resist before police grabbed him, and it contradicts other statements police made in their reports.

Officer Creasey first approached Waters, who was still on the phone, and flicked his right hand in the air apparently ordering him to put his hands up.

Waters lifted his hands in the air and took a few steps toward Creasey, before asking “What’s this about?”


The officer did not respond, instead silently motioning toward the building with his right hand. When he got close enough, he grabbed Waters arms and shoved him into the stucco hotel wall.


More in the link.

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Prosecutors drop charges against man arrested by Venice Police, Police Chief says it "could take weeks" before deciding to take up charges with the officers



The memo did not address the amount of force officers used to arrest Waters — which defense attorneys and others described as excessive. Waters was pushed against a wall and taken to the ground aggressively by two Venice Police officers during the Dec. 21 arrest at Motel 6 in Venice.


Instead, the memo said Venice Police were responding to a burglary call after a clerk called 911 and said she had spoken with the registered guest who said that Waters did not have permission to enter the room, according to the memo authored by Assistant State Attorney Brian Chambers.



Another man arrested at the scene — a registered hotel guest — received similar treatment from Venice police officers that was captured on video, said Barfield, who believes the State Attorney’s Office should review that case as well.


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