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Oil wars are good and easy to win.

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He may yet exert his influence even more openly. Analysts predict that if petrol prices continue to rise ahead of the mid-terms, Mr Trump will use a release of up to 30m barrels from the SPR to flood the market. That would be tantamount to launching an oil war against OPEC and Russia, in addition to the trade war. But it cannot be ruled out.


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1 hour ago, CitizenVectron said:

Who needs strategic reserves anyway? If the US enters a war and needs them it won't be an issue because wars are easy to win.



Trump is using long time, single use U.S. diplomatic currency like poker chips for quick political gain. Examples being moving the Israeli embassy and meeting Un with no preconditions.


Now he's moving on to more tangible things like the oil reserve to maybe bump his poll numbers a couple points.


This man is going to use up the country for 8 years and then leave the mess like a shafted contractor on a Trump building.


I would lament that this will lead inevitably to the next Dem having to patch up these messes, to which the conservative media will blast them for their "apology tour", but that's secondary at this point to the question of whether or not we can even fix the damage we are doing.


2 minutes ago, 2user1cup said:

Mexico has oil. Just take Mexico.



*Knock knock*


Hey Canada. We're out of....wood. I don't know how to put this. Get out.

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