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@jack is meeting with Donald Trump today.

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Jack is a dumbass





In other words, the most the CEO of Twitter was able to tell me about specific steps being taken to solve the rampant, site-wide harassment problem that’s plagued the platform for years is that they’re looking into maybe making the report button a little bigger, eventually.


Or consider later, when I asked whether Trump tweeting an explicit call for murder would be grounds for removal. Just as he seemed about to answer what seemed like an easy question, he caught himself. “That would be a violent threat,” he started. “We’d definitely ... You know we’re in constant communication with all governments around the world. So we’d certainly talk about it.”


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3 hours ago, thewhyteboar said:

Jack is such a dipshit. His company should be seized because he is just too dumb to handle it.

It's amazing that this far in and it seems like Jack still doesn't understand Twitter. For a while I think it was understandable. They created a tool and didn't anticipate how it could and would be used, but we're way past that now. I don't understand how investors aren't trying to push him out.


Facebook has more than 2 billion users but when news happens, it happens on Twitter. Your mom is on Facebook, your kids are obsessing over Instagram, but your politicians and CEOs and journalists are on Twitter making news, and as far as I can tell they've completely failed to capitalize on that at all. Their UI has remained basically the same. Their feature set hasn't really evolved, nor have the tools they use to govern the platform. It's insane that they have so little idea on how to build on the success that they fell into.

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21 minutes ago, osxmatt said:


I’ve long speculated exactly this.


Glad (and sad) to have technical confirmation.


Apparently they do something to proactively filter out neo-Nazis in Germany due to legal requirements, so it's definitely not like they don't know how. 

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