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Switch mini coming this fall.


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59 minutes ago, XxEvil AshxX said:

How about focusing on some first party price drops? I'd love to expand my library beyond the one game i have.

I think the indie support (which has been absolutely fantastic) has masked Nintendo’s first party output. 


They had a killer first 6 months to a year, but Party, Tennis, Yoshi just seems like second or third tier fluff to me. I’m just not interested in that crap at all. 


Smash is fantastic though. 


I think this year looks killer again though. 

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2 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:


mila kunis lol GIF by IFC


Yeah I know, the joke's on me. Honestly I bought the Switch for vacations, so playing it at home is pointless for me since I own a PS4 and XB1X. The first party titles are literally the only things I have interest in owning on Switch, and I can't justify $60 for Mario Tennis. I just can't.


Hell, I can't swing $60 for most games nowadays. I get most of my games through flash sales and weekly deals. I'm firmly about two years behind the gaming world when it comes to playing games. 


But Monster Hunter World just hit Game Pass, so I get to experience that one finally!

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I've found the Switch hardware to be the most fidgety, cheap-ass crap Nintendo has ever put out.


I've had more trouble with my Switch than all of my previous Nintendo products put together and I've owned all of them.*


They're not getting any more of my money unless they blow me away.


(*okay, not the WiiU, but pretty much everything else besides a few Gameboy and DS variants... I even owned the damned virtual boy... I was all in... the Switch? A TOTAL PEICE OF SHIT. I'D LIKE TO SHOVE MINE RIGHT UP THE BUTTHOLE OF NINTENDO'S LEAD HARDWARE DESIGNER. Total piece of shit design. Worst ever by the company.)

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The Switch has been great. My only complaint is the lack of Nintendo games. Remakes and ports are nice but I want new shit. Like Hellblade is an amazing game but I’ve already played it. And a bunch of mobile games are being sold on their store now. 

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I've clicked on this thread about 5 times now and each time I'm unsure whether I would want a revised, smaller model or not. I've been saying it for, well two years now, but I want a Switch, but if we look at it from the 3DS point of view, a slightly bumped up console was used for a small selection of games, typically those that could be played elsewhere in a superior fashion. If they release a model though that's very cheap, maybe with a bundle, I'll think about it (as it stands, once I've paid off everything this year, unless something incredible happens, OG Switch will in fact be my jam.

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2 hours ago, Man of Culture said:



You know someone is out of their mind when they actually put the Virtual Boy on a pedestal above what amounts to one of the finest products Nintendo has ever put out.


Well, it didn't break forever with the force of a 5-year old pushing on the controller. So it had that going for it.


I've had to send my switch back in twice now, once they charged my $130 bucks (this was because the USB port broke) to fix it and now it's acting up again.


All it takes to break the plastic tab that keep the joycons locked onto the screen is the tiniest amount of force. Have a small child push up on it once without pushing in the button and it breaks forever. It's happened to me 6 times now. (both joycons x3). It takes one time for this to happen. Push up on it once and snap... it's now loose as shit forever. This is a major flaw.


Yes, tell me my kids are terrible blah blah, I've heard it before, but this is a SERIOUS design flaw. It should not be that easy to break something.

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I've had this argument before and no one is going to change their minds.


Nintendo has managed to annoy me to the point that they've basically lost me as a customer. And I'm a lifelong devotee.


You can do what you want with your money. Nintendo probably won't be getting any more of mine.


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That's super helpful, thanks man!


I mean, go fuck yourself.


But seriously, I've witnessed this thing breaking. Here's what it took, ready...


We're on a road trip... kids in the backseat playing with the switch... one kid is mine and one is not. These kids are 8. They want to play NES Ice Hockey. I say, hey kids, just take the controllers off, that's the only way to... and before I could get the words out, the 8 year old (not mine), without pushing the unlock button, pushes up on the joy con and it pops off. It is now broken forever. It pops on and off with ease. One time and boom. That's it.


Since the entire internet doesn't seem to be having this problem, I have a theory that it might be my screen that is defective, since this has literally happened to every single fucking joycon that's ever touched this thing.


I've gone over it with my kids time and time again, but now both joycons are loose... again... for the third time. We have so many electronic devices in our house that are 100% fine. They are actually pretty good with their things. But not the switch. Problem after problem after problem... and if it is my screen that's broken and not the joycons, nintendo doesn't seem interested in fixing it. Dealing with them has been a nightmare and I'm tired of it.


They barely even play the switch... they spend 95% of their time on the Xbox.


The USB port is acting up again now too... I have to wiggle and finesse it to sync up the TV through the dock. This is after spending $130 to have it fixed.


I've had so many problems. I'm a lifelong gadget nerd. I know how to take care of my things. I know a piece of crap when I see one.


Maybe it's just my unit... but even if that's the case, oh well. That's my experience and it's real and I get really sick of people telling me I'm wrong all the time.

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If Nintendo isn't interested in having people like me bitch and moan about their shit online like a hyperbolic little diaper baby, maybe they should do a better job of fixing their customers problems.


I've probably owned 100+ small consumer electronic devices in my life... I'm not one of these people that complains about everything. It's really has caused me nothing but headache after headache.


Nintendo earned my ire and I'm not letting them off the hook. This has been my experience and anytime anyone talks about the switch, I will share my negative experiences because Nintendo has left me very unsatisfied as a customer.

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I mean, come on. Look, I'm a fucking lifelong gadget nerd... I know how to take care of my shit and I know when something is being used in a manner in which it it's reasonable to expect it not to break.


The bottom line is this... the entire premise of the system is that it's designed to have controllers that pop on and off. That's the first bullet point feature on this system. It's not an unreasonable expectation, on a gaming system that is clearly primarily targeted at children, to expect that someone pushing up with a minimal amount of force on a joycon should not break it forever. This is clearly an unforgivable design flaw.


My kids are average kids with their stuff. If I thought they were doing anything beyond what you could reasonably expect with the system, all of my anger would be directed at them. That is not what is happening here. This is something different. They're somehow managed to not break any of the other dozen small electronic devices they have access to. They barely touch even the Switch. They don't take it out with them unsupervised. They don't do anything out of the ordinary and it keeps breaking. It's very disappointing. I'm tired of sending it in. I'm tired of paying money to have it fixed. I haven't even started in on how my USB port broke and they charged me $130 to fix it. No one did anything out of the ordinary to break that. It's a flimsy piece of shit and Nintendo can fucking suck an egg.


I'm glad you guys have not had problems. My experience has been very different and my interactions with Nintendo have been very frustrating and disappointing for a company I've held in such high regard for so long.


I'm tired of taking shit over this but I'm not conceding anything. Pushing up on the controller should not snap the plastic tab that locks the joycon in place breaking it forever. That's a shit design and whoever made that choice made a terrible choice.


Maybe my system is broken out of the box. Maybe something is wrong with my tab locks on the screen part and that's why it keeps happening to me so easily... It's possible. I don't know, but that doesn't change my experience. Nintendo should fix it if that's the case and they don't seem very interested in doing that.

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Sorry you had such a terrible experience! I’m lucky because one of the Switches at my place have gotten some really bad treatment (my 11-year old threw the system down on the floor after losing a Splatoon 2 match) and so far...everything still works perfectly. 


It’s likely you got a bum system...but Nintendo should have fixed it. Strange that they were unable to do so. That’s some real bad luck you’ve had.


You haven’t broken any mirrors lately have you? :p 

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My switch screen has a small scratch on it from my wife knocking it off the TV stand. It’s not bad but it drives me insane. 


Otherwise I’ve found it to be fine durability-wise. If I had kids of the age to use it I would probably either only let them play docked, or, if they were old enough to understand the responsibility, tell them if they break it that’s on them. 

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