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Google and Amazon are friends again (Youtube on Fire TV, Prime on Cast)

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The stupidest and most petty battle in tech is finally winding down. Google will be adding YouTube to Fire TV products and Amazon will allow Prime Video apps to stream to Chromecast devices. Notably, YouTube is not yet returning to the Echo Show, but supposedly that's still being discussed. Also, while Amazon has resumed sales of Chromecasts, they're not yet selling Google Home devices.


This always seemed so silly. YouTube is the second biggest video streaming service out there, so of course Amazon would want it on their platform and Google would want it everywhere. With Prime Video, it would only make sense that allowing Cast would help users watch the content Amazon is spending billions on. Obviously users benefit from more content on more devices. Despite this rare win-win-win scenario, Amazon and Google have been engaged in a petty squabble that couldn't have been good for anyone.


I've plenty of gizmos hooked up to my TVs, so none of this nonsense ever really prevented me from viewing something, but I'm still glad it's over.

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