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Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris was seriously burning

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So here's a question: Does this validate the idea that historical sites should be renovated (with as little disruption to aesthetics as possible) to include modern fire-prevention and extinguishing systems? I know that a lot of people are against installing sprinklers and firewalls in many old buildings because they don't like seeing modern pipes and wires, but I'd rather have pipes visible than lose entire structures.

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5 minutes ago, osxmatt said:


Crown of Thorns? Like the thing Jesus was supposedly wearing during his crucifixion?






Except, no. Religious Relics are almost always fakes. But 100% of the relics from the First Apostles, and anything from or associated with Christ are ALL fakes. 

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1 minute ago, SFLUFAN said:

They don't :p


But what does it matter when the Church is making money off pilgrims who travel to venerate it?!?


I never judge the guy selling a cheeto shaped like Jesus on eBay.


I judge the idiot buying a Jesus shaped cheeto.

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