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Apex Legends has lost its huge momentum (Polygon), update - Respawn addresses the game's update cadence

Commissar SFLUFAN

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This year’s breakout battle royale game couldn’t keep up with its own success

Apex Legends had the smoothest and most successful launch of any battle royale game. While games like Fortnite took months to build up a player base and a Twitch presence, Apex shot to number one in its first day. But a lack of updates, a litany of bugs, and some fierce competition has destroyed Apex Legends’ launch momentum.

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Eh its second on twitch right now with 180k viewers. Next to Fortnite which just had a huge patch drop recently.

I imagine all of the popular BR's will rotate popularity as big patches come out as they have in the past. Shroud is always playing whatever has a new patch when it drops.

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I mean of course when it was brand new it was going to garner a huge audience, and that would level out some.


The first Battle Pass was pretty disappointing for most I think.  A few crappy gun skins, only a few character skins.  The only real worthy item is the Tier 100/110 Gun Skin for the Havoc, a gun a lot don't necessarily like, and the Epic/Legendary Apex Pack.  I guess once you hit Lvl 100, you don't get more Apex Packs for leveling up, and many hoped the Battle Pass would alleviate that, and there were so few as rewards it really didnt.  They also dont have weekly or daily challenges to really drive daily interactions like a Fortnite.


Overall I still think the core gameplay is the best of any BR, and my go to.  It took Fortnite awhile to get it's legs and momentum.  Apex just happened to blow up out the gate and level out.  It's fine.

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:shrug: I still enjoy it way more than the others.


Infrequent balance updates is also a good thing. People constantly lose their shit over the rapid-fire changes in Fortnite.


That said, I'm totally behind Apex having lackluster cosmetics and leveling. I think their biggest problem is that cosmetics are hero dependent, which makes any given skin have less value. I almost never see stuff for Bloodhound and that's who I main. And for the cosmetics they do have, they're not that original or different from the rest of the skins.


They need to make more unique skins and the skins need to be cross-hero.

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I thought the article was pretty harsh and made some problems overblown. Most problems any patches caused were fixed very quickly.   And for being a free to play game with 1 map, I think it's doing as good as can be expected. My only complaint is the battle pass. Takes A LONG time to level up between levels for worthless rewards. I was playing a lot of Rocket League lately and they have nice season passes. Not hard to level up and the items are useful. 

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4 hours ago, DarkStar189 said:

And for being a free to play game with 1 map, I think it's doing as good as can be expected.

This isn’t a unique thing though. It’s how the genre is, and to keep players interested you’ve gotta find ways to keep people coming back. 


The battle pass should have been a way to do this, but they seemed to misstep there.

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11 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

They still need to work on the cosmetics. I don't think anyone cares about gun skins.


The gun skins are a strong holdover from titanfall 2, where some of the rarer skins were real feats to unlock. And that was fine for titanfall 2, but in a game like this they're super underwhelming as battle pass rewards. 


I still love the game, but the battlepass is a bummer. It doesn't do anything to spice up the game, you've just paid to periodically unlock some lackluster rewards in a real rough xp grind. In fortnite people complain that the challenges task you with playing the game in a style that goes against the main objective (winning) and collect silly objects or land at various places, but the plus to that system is that you can log in once or twice  a week, do the challenges and max out the battlepass before the season ends. With apex the grind is real, it's asking you to play two hours daily for the duration of the season to get to the end of the pass. That's... exhausting. 

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10 hours ago, cusideabelincoln said:

I'm coming across more hackers in the game, so if they can prioritize that without crunch I'm all for waiting for the content.


PUBG ran into this issue on PC as well, and I remember all the hate they'd get about talking about new guns/features/cosmetics while the Hacking was an issue.  "Why dont you fix the damn cheating going on instead of focusing on new shit".  


I still really enjoy the game.  Season 1 in general was a big miss, and you can kind tell they threw it all together just to have something.  Rewards suck, no daily/weekly challenges to add more variety to how you play, and Leveling takes forever.  I'm like Lvl 48 and play quite a bit, and win quite a bit.  A win gives you about 10k points, so 3 wins to level up once.


One thing to understand though is a game like Fortnite, can literally do just about anything because of how it's gameplay plays out.  The building mechanism gives them a lot of freedom in what it experiments with.  It self balances a lot of things for them.  Map changes dont matter in Fortnite because the building crates all the strategic gameplay.  Want to add or remove whole sections, who cares.  You dont have to think of cover or elevation really that much in Fortnite, because of building.    In PUBG, Blackout, or Apex, the map designs matter a lot more.  So those games arent really as free to play around with it and change it like Fortnite does.  


Also adding new "Legends" also requires a good amount of balance I'd think.  Look at Overwatch, it takes them months and months to add Heroes.  Its been out like 3 years and added 9 characters?  While I know Apex's "Legends" arent as complex as Overwatch's, they still require more balancing and thought than most things other games tinker with.  




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