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Nvidia provides links to a bunch of new RTX demos


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Can I get a roll call on everyone on this site that has an RTX card? I like to keep folks informed about RTX related treats. TO BE CLEAR, WE HAVE SEEN THESE DEMOS BEFORE BUT NOW THEY ARE AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO RUN FOR YOURSELF. 

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3 minutes ago, Mr.Vic20 said:

AS do I! I miss the days where each new generation of cards brought a slew of new demos to mess with! :daydream:


Yea, nVidia hasn’t updated their tech demo page since that Apollo 11 Ray-Traced Moon Landing demo thing for the GTX 980. They never released any of their 1080 or 1080 ti demos for some reason :/ 

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10 minutes ago, mikechorney said:

Since games aren't supporting RTX yet, you need to have something to use those Ray-Tracing cores on!


Hey. HEY! There are like, uh, three or even four games that have it now!  That's like a 400% increase over just 6 months ago! :p

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15 minutes ago, brandino said:

Sounds like @Mr.Vic20 owes me his old video card the next time he upgrades :p


BTW, if TechPowerUp is being slow, Guru3D also has them. Got 12mb/sec from Guru3D just now.


Also, if anyone is having issues running these, go to your Windows Display Settings and adjust your "scaling" down to 100% as it drops the demos resolution based on your scaling. ie: if you're running at 4k and scaling is set to 150%, they'll only run at 1440p, or, in my case, since I use 175%, the "Justice" demo wouldn't run at all and the Star Wars one kept running windows at 1920x1080 until I adjusted it

The SW one is SO friggen impressive. Seems to be locked to run at 24fps, though, so I have no idea what the actual performance could be. The Justice one is capped at 60fps, but with DLSS and RTX enabled it was a solid 60fps for me, turning DLSS off (F9 to toggle DLSS, F8 to toggle Ray-Tracing, F5 to toggle both) it would drop to the low-to-mid 40s, the RT reflections in it are balls out amazing, though. The Atomic Heart one is neat, but I found the others to be better.

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