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Trouble with my Framemeister and AV receiver no video out


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Well last evening I sat down to play some Sega CD and capture footage for my next video. I noticed that I wasn't getting a video signal from my Framemeister. Then I noticed the issue was bigger I couldn't get a video signal from anything connected to my AV receiver. Then I tested a few things directly to the TV. Thankfully my PS3 and PS4 work fine. My Framemeister however lights come on and no signal. I am going to try and reset the firmware and that will reset the output settings. maybe I will get lucky. otherwise I'm screwed. I'm not feeling too great today at work. I and going to go home and unplug everything from the receiver and fingers crossed for my framemeister.

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Well I got the AV reciever to work again. I got the framemeister in 2014 so that is why over an OSSC also it is really compatible. Sadly framemeister not working no video signal is what the tv is saying and capture card. updated the firmware to reset it and no change. all the lights are on and it recognizes when it is connected via hdmi. dam this is depressing.

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