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PSA: EA's Star Wars Battlefront II is in much better shape now


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I think we all remember the debacle that was the launch of Battlefront II back in the fall of 2017, with EA's piss poor communication with the community, the loot boxes, etc., but the team at DICE have been making a lot of improvements since then like redoing the progression system entirely, adding in new maps and heroes like Obi-Wan and Grievous, and Dooku and Anakin, and a completely new mode called Capital Supremacy. Check out the trailer for it. 



This probably isn't quite as much as it all should be given that they've had to rework a lot of grievances with the game first, rather than releasing more content like even more new maps, and blasters, but still I think if you were ever curious about the game, but skipped it due to the controversy, it's actually in a good state now, and it's really fun. 


Pick it up if you get the chance. 

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5 hours ago, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

So does Capital Supremacy have a chance of never ending?  


Not sure if there is a timer or not lol. If you make it to the enemy ship, but then fail and go back down to the ground, if you make it back up to the enemy ship any progress you made the last time is carried over. 

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Just fired it up after months of not playing and my initial impressions from a gameplay perspective is it’s actually worse. Lol


the meta is assault with the default gun. This is the state of the game. Everyone is running this gun. The game also feels like it’s suffering from the same TTD issues as BFV. I switched to the assault default gun and it can take me an entire clip to kill someone but I’m dead in 1-2 seconds. 


Capital supremacy is a joke. It’s a super quick conquest match on the ground, and then you transport to the ship and it’s a super quick match in there. It basically feels like they just combined the new geonsis map with the starkiller interior map. 


Uninstalled. Cya! 

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