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General Sports UFC's Conor McGregor is retiring (maybe)

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9 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

But what about Connor McGregor?


I dunno who that is, but Conor's pretty coo.

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7 hours ago, Jason said:



Irish Police Investigating Conor McGregor Over Sex Assault Accusation


This is old news but it’s just being reported by mainstream media. The law in Ireland prevents the media from getting most information so there’s not much to report on. 


Conor is likely doing this to get leverage against the UFC in negotiations for a fight. He wants part ownership but there’s no way the UFC gives him a stake in UFC while he’s still fighting. They’ll probably come to an agreement soon. The other reason is that he knew this article was going to be posted so he tried to pull this stunt to draw some attention away from it. 

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