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Apple Special Event - March 25th 1 pm EDT (Apple TV+, News+, and Apple Arcade)

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It's pretty bizarre that this week Apple has announced:

-A new iPad Air, which is essentially a whole new line of iPads (even if it's made from the spare parts bin)

-The first update to the iPad Mini in years.

-Huge spec boosts to the iMac.

-An update to the hugely successful AirPods.


All in the week before they have a new service to launch.



As for Apple's streaming service, I'm skeptical, but I also think they could take it in interesting directions. Is it really just going to be a new Netflix style service, or will it be a more Amazon Prime Video deal where they want to be the portal to all the other premium services? How much original content will they really make, and will any of it be any good? How much of it will be free to Apple device owners? Will it be accessible on non-Apple devices? Does Apple have anything new to add to streaming experience?


I think the most likely answer is that they'll have a reduced Amazon model. They want to be the way you pay for and watch things like Starz and HBO, and maybe they have a unified interface for that (it's not hard to best Amazon in that regard). They'll have a small sampling of original content, some of which will be free to those with an Apple device. Most of it will suck. This is more about Apple trying to be a central point in video distribution than a real player in content. Then again, I've been quite wrong on Apple stuff lately, so don't trust my take.

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I can't ever remember Apple announcing products like this... three straight days of press release launches?




The iPad lineup is confusing and muddled. The iMac updates are boring, but fine. Took too long... The AirPods are also boring... and I love it... because I have no desire to upgrade my current ones.

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I assume that Apple Channel subscriptions don't work outside of the Apple TV app (I think that's the same for Amazon Subscriptions? Amazon is on everything though, so it's less of a limitation). They made it very clear that Apple Arcade games only exist on Apple products, and that makes sense. I get the feeling that's the case for Apple News+ as well. If so, when you're browsing twitter on your PC and click a link to the WSJ, you won't be able to log-in to read it. Maybe they'll do some deep-linking things to push you to the app if you're on your phone, but who knows.

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Very strange to announce these without a price. Surely they're far enough along that they know. Maybe they don't want to announce anything until people have seen / played the content that will be included so they can get headlines that say "Apple TV+ is $8/month, which is easily worth it for show X by itself."

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So not only do you not get to visit the WSJ from the web, but you only have access to a ""curated collection of general interest news."



25 minutes ago, Emblazon said:

No announcement of paying for premium content within the Apple TV app, like HBO or CBS All Access. Just that the revamped app is coming in May. That's one month too late, Apple. 


I'm quite excited for the Apple credit card, though. 

They did show that off. At ~59:10 in the event stream they show subscribing to Showtime in the TV app.

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