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The New Zealand shooting was faked using Deep Fake technology


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Most people don't realize how close we came to nuclear war in 2017. Arguably, it was closer than the Cuban missile crisis in the 60's. You can blame the internet for making technology more accessible, or maybe just the times we live in, but nuclear weapons are becoming more widespread--nobody will debate that.


But North Korea doesn't have the delivery systems? Well, that may or may not be true, but with looming massive climate problems, food shortages, major weather changes from polar melts, a manufactured nuclear war is becoming more and more appealing. That is to say, the elites have found a way to both thin the heard and cool the planet. Why do you think there is such an obsession with a southern border wall? It's because when shit hits the fan, North America will still be much, much safer than other places (although not without major problems, and not safer than New Zealand).


Escaping nuclear war by moving to the southern hemisphere is not a new idea. In the 60's people thought of the antipodes as one of the best places to dodge The Bomb. In recent times, New Zealand has been thought of as a, "lifeboat" of sorts by tech billionaires. It has a low population, it is self sufficient, and it is relatively insulated in the event of a global societal meltdown.


How does this relate to a shooting, and why was it faked?


Only recently has Deep Fake technology become mainstream knowledge. I highly suggest you do some research for yourself, but here's a good overview by MIT: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/612612/these-incredibly-real-fake-faces-show-how-algorithms-can-now-mess-with-us/


With several articles surfacing on the internet that New Zealand is a safe place to avoid apocalypse, and with Elon's rockets not ready to take the elites to mars, technocrats have started to worry about their investment in a particular little corner of the world. The solution has been to use cutting edge deep fake algorithms from Google and mass media manipulation tools from Palantir to, "engineer" a mass shooting. The video that, "spread uncontrollably" on the internet was not a mass shooting, but rather a feat of engineering. It was a fake video. A fugazi. A Deep Fake. Spread, not uncontrollably but deliberately to achieve a goal. Remember, most of these Silicon Valley billionaires escaping to NZ got rich in software... engineering is what they do best.




It serves two major purposes: 1) essentially "tricks" the NZ government into tightening gun laws (you don't want people armed after the Nuke War), 2) keeps more people from crowding the Ark.


Just look at Trump and Putin's boring ass comments relating to the shooting. The CIA probably informed Trump it was a Deep Fake.


Stay safe folks

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Then where did the corpses come from? Even if the video was deep faked, there would still have to be dead people at the mosque or else everyone would realize it was faked. Even if bodies were planted there, it would easy to figure out from the time of death and rate of decay and all that shit.  If you want to make up some dumb ass bullshit at least put some effort into it. 


This isn't even a clever trolling. Pretty low effort and easily picked apart. Even Alex Jones would call you out on this. 

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