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Hollywood's Freakout: Inside the Disney-Fox Merger

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13 minutes ago, TwinIon said:

Lowering output that much doesn't seem like the best way to maximize that investment. 

It does in the context of Disney’s business model, which is basically blockbusters only. It does speak to the problem of making small movies for theatrical release though as Disney will apparently utilize the rest of Fox’s labels to produce direct to Hulu/Disney+ content.


Film lover me is very displeased with this.

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2 hours ago, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

Fox didn’t make 15-20 movies a year worth seeing. Even the 3-4 is pushing it. 


They could be worth seeing to other people. All of these mergers are leading us toward the inevitable conclusion of having only 12 movies released by year by Exxon-Disney, one per month that is legally required to screen in all theatre rooms. Each will have a budget of $450 million and each successive one will break launch records.

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