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How would you improve some of your favorite games?


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Games you love, but you know there's a few things you can add that would make them more fun.  Examples?



Horizon Zero Dawn - Amazing game, but a climb mechanic would be cool (not just the automatic platforming setpieces from Uncharted that's already there, but climbing onto any ledge like in many AAA open world games), some new weapons that add more options for combat and traversal (maybe a grapple thingy like in Sekiro that lets you grapple to machines and ledges), and the ability to dive in water.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Put that amazing gore back in ya knobs, kthnxbye


Devil May Cry 5 - Reduce the V missions (maybe 3 chapters), replace with more Dante and Nero, make the default difficulty SoS mode and add the wall run from DMC3 to Dante's moveset.


No Man's Sky - Fix the MANY cases of glitches and jank in the game (pop-in, pixelated night sky on some planets, change the warp drive sequences back to first person since third person one stutters like trash on PS4, originally there was an animation showing you entering your ship, now it's a jump cut.  Change it back).  After the technical shit is on point, simply make life on planets much less frequent (rarely more than one per solar system, often none) and add some more story content and it'll be a pretty neat little space exploration game.


Titanfall - Easy, just add physics and Battlefield-style destructible environments.






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Final Fantasy XIV i would like to see Necromancer, Puppetmaster, Beast Master, Geomancer, Onion Knight and Mime Jobs added. A secondary experience system for when you hit lvl cap which unlocks unique glams and other special items. More housing areas would be great because houses are all sold out on the world i play on. Ultimate weapons that become more powerful based on how many jobs you have lvl capped. Final Fantasy XIV/ Kingdom Hearts crossover event would be AWESOME! I want some keyblade weapons added for the crossover event, Outfit and minions. 

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From's Souls games and Bloodborne are some of my favorite of all time but one large flaw I keep seeing them repeat is front-loading their games with amazing level design with later areas and section become disjointed and messy comparatively. 


I really hope they nailed this shit with Sekiro finally. Just drop the interconnected world if it just ends up devolving into a total warp-a-thon halfway through, it feels weird. 

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