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2019 Formula 1 Season


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This will only be my second year of watching F1, but I'm excited for the season to start this weekend.


Drivers have been shuffled all around, including two drivers in top teams (Leclerc in a Ferrari and Gasly in a Red Bull). Red Bull switched engine providers (from Renault to Honda) which could push them in either direction. Renault supposedly put a good deal more money in this year (and certainly paid a pretty penny for Riccardo). Racing Point was over performing their budget while in the process of going bankrupt, and now have more money behind them. Alfa (formerly Sauber) were also over performing with Leclerc driving, and now have fan favorite Kimi alongside a new Italian kid. Speaking of which, there are now 4 new drivers, plus one returning.


This is all happening after a significant rules change that may or may not change the racing, but will likely have some effect on how well everyone performs, especially at the beginning of the season. It seems there are a lot of variations on the front wings in particular, and I expect some pretty rapid development cycles through the early parts of the season while everyone copies the designs that seem to be working.


Last season had (at least for the first half) an exciting battle at the very top as well as some real infighting in the midfield. With all the shake ups this year I'm hoping for an even better season. In particular I'd love to see one of the mid teams to step it up to Red Bull at least, and I'm hoping that Leclerc can really give Vettel a run for his money. 


I've also been watching the new netflix documentary series. While little of it is new information for anyone that was paying attention last year, it's kinda fun to get a better sense of some of the characters behind the scenes.



Anyone else excited for F1 to start up again?


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