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I nearly became a SoCal hospital overflow statistic this afternoon. Went to retrieve my laundry. Someone came out of the elevator maskless so I switched to the stairs. Then nearly smacked my head against the concrete wall of the stairwell slipping on the bottom step because the idiot cleaning people hosed down the painted interior walkways and stairwells and then never mopped up the stairwell I was using. Thankfully managed to not hit my head or only lightly tapping it by catching the railing but just zero traction. Landed flat on my ass and probably would have smacked the back of my head without catching the railing and putting out my other hand behind me, and the paint+water combination was so bad that it took me several tries to find a good enough footing to get back up.


I've had a concussion before and while I'm pretty sure I didn't get one based on comparing how listless and dazed I was after getting that one a few years ago to how I feel now, I'm now of course obsessing about the headache I have and whether it was there before the slip and fall (only slept like 4 hours last night, which could also explain the headache).



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Had one of the craziest storms of my life here last night. Complete blizzard, and sustained winds of 112km/h with gusts up to 143hm/h. That's 90% of the way to Cat 1 hurricane force. Lightning spotted in the north end of my city during it, and lots of damage and snowed-in communities this morning. I got very little sleep, it raged over the entire night. Highways completely closed in much of the southern province:





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