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DNC Picks Milwaukee Picked as Site of 2020 Democratic National Convention

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The Democratic National Committee has selected Milwaukee as the site of its national convention, placing a spotlight on a key Midwestern battleground state that Democrats lost for the first time in three decades in 2016 and see as central to the party’s efforts to reclaim the White House.


The convention will be held next year on July 13-16 in the newly built Fiserv Forum, a 17,500-seat arena that’s home to the N.B.A.’s Milwaukee Bucks.


Milwaukee was selected over a pair of larger Sunbelt cities, Houston and Miami, to host the event.


Milwaukee organizers raised more than $10 million and reassured officials that they had secured sufficient hotel capacity for the event, ameliorating concerns that the city lacked the finances and infrastructure to support an event that regularly draws tens of thousands of out-of-town activists, officials and media.



Democrats won back the governorship of the state in 2018, assuaging some concerns that Wisconsin was drifting away. Still, some in the party are urging the 2020 candidates to broaden their focus beyond the upper Midwest to the rapidly growing Sun Belt states.


Democratic officials worried about the optics of hosting a convention in Houston, a city dominated by the oil and gas industry, at a time when Democratic activists are focused on combating climate change.


Before 2016, the last time a Democrat lost Wisconsin in a presidential election was 1984 when Reagan swept 49 states. Wisconsin was VEERRRYYYY close in 2000 and 2004, however, with Democrats winning by 0.22% in 2000 and 0.38% in 2004 (the closest of all swing states that year).

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