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I went in for a biopsy and ended up with 4!


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Right before the wedding I I got odd looking mole or something that kept growing and my doctor suggested to go it checked with a dermatologist. The finaly got the appointment this past week and went in to get it biopsied but ended up having 5 cuts with 4 sent out for a biopsy and I got stitches for something that wasn't even a mole that I've had last 3 years. 


The good part is even if it comes back positive it's completely removed. My stitches on my leg look like a spider :lol: 




Looks better already 




Still looks like a spider :lol: 



Anyone has had any skin issues skin biopsy? 

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3 minutes ago, kittykat said:

I had a liver and breast biopsy. Those sucked but thankfully they were benign. It’s good you were taken care of!

Did they put you to sleep for that? I had a biopsy on my uterus 8 years ago and I wasn't put asleep for that. It was awfully painful. Glad yours came back benign. 

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