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New Illyria album: The Carpathian Summit - Out Now!

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15 hours ago, Emblazon said:

The instrumental version would be baller. 


Well if the vocals aren't doing it for you, if the new album is anything like their previous album they'll have some clean vocal parts and plenty of instrumental parts.



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I've listened to this twice so far and I enjoy it. It's a lot different from their first album so you may have to detach your expectations from that one to begin to enjoy this one.

The vocals seem to be majority "black metal" screams. There are a few clean vocal tracks but overall it's not super varied. However, like I told @Emblazon earlier there are likely a lot of parts with no vocals and there are, more than the first album in fact.

The music is a bit more cohesive than the first album in that it all kinda follows the same theme, like the whole album sounds like it could be one long song. However, a lot more experimentation going on here, lots of melodic wankery, even some jazz fusion influenced stuff. Some songs kinda remind me of Deafheaven's Sunbather album (which is a good thing).

Overall I'm enjoying it, have to give it more time to get used to the slight change of sound.

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