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America: Woman with leg trapped under subway train pleaded with witnesses not to call ambulance due to cost

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A woman getting off Boston's Orange Line last week fell and was trapped between the subway platform and the train until her fellow passengers were able to free her.

Transit police say the woman stepped into a 5-inch gap as she was getting off the train at the Massachusetts Avenue station on Friday afternoon during rush hour.

Security video from the platform shows a crowd of commuters start to push on the train and rock it enough to pull the woman to safety.

After the woman was freed, Polanco stayed to help and talked with her.

She had a bad cut on her left thigh; police said it was deep enough to expose the bone.

Polanco said the woman was clearly in a lot of pain, but she didn't want anyone to call an ambulance because she said she couldn't afford it.

"She made it a point to say 'you don't understand, I have terrible insurance,'" Polanco said. "Everyone just kept saying don't worry about that, you need medical help."

Emergency Medical Technicians arrived in 5 or 10 minutes Polanco said, and the woman did agree to go with them.

The EMTs bandaged her leg and then took her away in a wheelchair.


Happy July 4th.

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1 hour ago, Paperclyp said:

And she’s totally right, the cost is absurd. 

I may have mentioned this story here before, but I had to deal with this shit with my son. At just two weeks old, he wasn't keeping even half an ounce of food down. We took him to the nearest ER and he needed an IV. At that time of the night, however, they didn't have anyone that could get the IV in him or perform the surgery he needed, so he had to be sent over to Tufts in Boston. Since he was still under hospital care, we couldn't opt to just drive him there ourselves. Since we, apparently, took him to the wrong hospital, insurance didn't cover the cost of the 35m ambulance ride. We wound up getting stuck with the cost of that and the IV they failed to get in him.


It was great. It took months to pay down that bill. So many others would have just gone bankrupt with the charges. Yay!

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After my daughters first seizure and our local hospital doesn't have a pediatric neurologist to handle it they sent her 2.5 hours away in an ambulance and charged 8k to just drive her, they literally did nothing other than that because theres nothing to do for a seizure patient. Then between both hospitals it was another 32k for an EKG, CT, MRI, and three days in a room. My insurance is amazing though and i pay nothing for emergency care, but holy fuck.

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