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Which cheating do you consider the worst and/or which one forgivable


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The topic was on the radio and I had to think back to past and how each one affected me 


Obviously cheating where sex and emotional cheating are both factors is the worst.


Buth then which one do you feel is worse emotional only? Sex only? Same sex cheating? 


To me the worst is emotional cheating. Things said and feeling involved we had. I have forgiven sex cheating but I have never forgiven emotional cheating. 


Seems like per the radio talk men tend to not forgive the sex cheating and women tend to lean towards the emotional cheating being the worst. Curious to see what you all think. 

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Emotional, and then its largely about honesty for me. IF a person claims that I am their primary companion through life then I personally feel like I'm owed a heads up when that becomes less true for whatever reason. A good relationship is all about trust and the quality of honest communication between partners. I've never begrudged anyone I've been with for being attracted  to whomever they happen to be attracted to, but cheating indicates to me that the person didn't trust me enough to share a need they felt I couldn't provide. Life is waaay to short for any of us to bee in a relationship with one of  the cowards of dishonesty. 

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15 minutes ago, Slug said:

I don't understand what emotional cheating even is.

Intimate conversations, sex texting/messages, sharing intimate secrets and being emotionally involved. It's the first person you think of when you wake up, keep in touch through the day and last person you think of when going to sleep. Things you should feel and discuss with one you love.

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20 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

I was almost sad given this topic and your recent marriage, but now I feel good.


So obviously this thread was cheating on me emotionally and I feel like it is the worst and unforgivable.

It was radio topic and it reminded me of past I've personally experienced. Made me think. 

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12 minutes ago, SimpleG said:

In order of least painful to most

1. Same sex physical

2. Same sex emotional

3. Sexual

4. Emotional



7 minutes ago, Boyle5150 said:

Weird, to me same sex would be the least painful.  That would be the ultimate “it’s not you it’s me” truth.  

Read again. #1 is LEAST #4 the most 

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7 hours ago, Chris- said:

Emotional cheating, because I am rather disillusioned with the concept of physical monogamy (so something that is purely sex wouldn't bother me).


You sure about that? You wouldn't be bothered by your significant other having sex with someone else without your knowledge or consent? I call bullshit.


On topic? All of this stuff is bad because ultimately what it's about is betrayal whether physically or emotionally. 

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I don't think that for me there would be any real difference between the two. If a girlfriend physically cheated on me with someone else, that would be the end of our relationship because it would also be a betrayal of my emotions (above all trust) as well. 


Both would be super shitty and I'm not sure I have much of a preference. :p 

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