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The strangest PC game sale practice I have ever seen


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I recently upgraded my video card + monitor and am on the fence about getting Metro Exodus. I never really got into the previous two games and thus really don't want to pay a full $60 for the game. Figured I'd check eBay and whatnot to see if there any deals. There are DOZENS of eBay listing with the game being sold for $10-15. "Holy crap!", but, then I see the descriptions on literally all of them



Metro Exodus Epic Games Account (For PC) With 3 Month Warranty

You buy a account with a licensed Epic Games game in the format - email:password

You will not be able to change the password, email, or nickname to the account

Account is shared (You play game with owner of Epic Games account, who gave permission for this)

The item will be delivered via eBay message

This is not a Physical Copy of the Game

Account is for PC

   If you have any problems accessing your account, you will receive a replacement. The warranty is valid 3 months from the date of purchase in case of loss of access. Just write me via eBay message.




W... T... F...?


Good lord - people actually buy these???? 

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1 hour ago, Xbob42 said:

If you'd consider that, you're literally better off just pirating the thing until the Steam launch, since then you keep access to the game and wouldn't be supporting whatever the fuck this is.  :lol:


It'd be like supporting the idea makers who figured out how to F the Epic Store, though? :daydream: :p 

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