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Hey look, a GoFundMe. Please read.

noey jerd

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I know some of you helped me with my GoFundMe before and I love each and one of you for that but that time is coming again. Some crazy stuff happened to me. Long story short I got some weird infection that knocked me out for 3 months and forced me back on hemodialysis. Currently I have to drive 40 minutes away for 2 IV transfusions of antibiotics every day. Yes, I am there every day with dialysis Monday, Wednesday and Friday on top of it. Please take a second and go read the GoFundMe and the recent updates. Most recent update was made by my wife when I was in the hospital last. The hardest part is being thrown to inactive status on the transplant list for at least a year. I've already waited what? 3 / 4 years? Some of you know my story and some of you don't. 


I am also sorry that I haven't been around as much anymore. I've been lurking around in the discrod but I've been focused on my health lately. I got permission to post this as well  :)


https://www.gofundme.com/noeyjerd    You can read my original story and the latest update. Please and thank you!

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I'm only going to do one bump. 


Sitting here at my infusion with 30 minutes to go. After this I go get my stitches out for my fistula. Had to get it cause I'm back on hemodialysis. I had to wait for the FDA to approve this new antibiotic pill that I have to take. That will be 3 months and I'll be on antibiotics for a year before I'm allowed back on the transplant list. It's only the third month and my claims for the insurance company is over a million dollars.  This infection kicked my ass and I felt like I was going to die. Family and friends have said that I've acted like it as well.


My wife lost a lot of work the pass few months staying home taking care of me with her FMLA so we are a little on the weeds with bills. I wanna thank Wade for his donation as it helped us a ton. There was also another anonymous donation from someone... Famous who wishes to remain anonymous which was damn surprising and amazing.


I'm hoping some of you could donate. If not, it's all good. I haven't come here much lately and I completely understand.


This has been my one and only bump for this thread. Thank you for reading.

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