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Canadian school board issues 6,000 suspension notices over lack of vaccination records

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I always thought it was a requirement before you enrolled in public school that you had to show proof you had your most recent vaccinations. But I guess not, because I've always wondered how all these anti-vaxxers send their kids to school without recent immunization records. 

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There shouldn’t be any opting out for religions reasons, or any philosophical reason at all. We got a dumb ass state lawmaker in Texas wanting to strengthen opt outs for religious reasons. The recent out breaks do not concern him because we have antibiotics. I wish I was making this up. Maybe I didn’t read the story very closely. That has to be it because no one in power could possibly be that ignorant. 


Here is that article: https://www.syracuse.com/us-news/2019/02/texas-lawmakers-push-bill-making-vaccine-exemptions-easier.html?outputType=amp

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