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Huawei Shows Off Their Impressive Folding Phone


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The software is almost certainly a complete mess. The unfolded aspect ratio is almost completely square. It starts at $2,600. It's entirely unclear how well the plastic screen will hold up over time. We have no idea how long the battery will last. Almost no one will or should buy this phone. Still, unlike Samsung's Galaxy Fold, The Huawei Mate X is a much more compelling vision for the future of foldable phones.


By wrapping the screen around the outside The Mate X looks like a compelling phone even when folded up. While folded it has a 6.6", notch free screen with very minimal bezels.



If you need to take a selfie, flip it over and you get a smaller screen, but you're using the primary camera. 



Of course, the real party trick is unfolding it to get a nearly square 8" screen.



Very few have gotten any real hands on time, so it's not clear how well this phone actually works, but to me at least, it looks like a far more compelling concept than the other folding phones we've seen. Lots of questions need to be answered, lots of software will need years before it's as flexible as this phone is, the price will need to come down dramatically before anyone will buy it. Still, I'm far more intrigued by the Mate X than I have been by a phone in a long time.

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