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6 years ago tomorrow, Capcom announced Deep Down for the PS4, and then it became vaporware


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This game used a different engine than the later developed RE Engine. The graphics looked great (though no word at that time whether they were legit), it was a new IP, things are looking up. In 2014, more footage released:



What, Assassin's souls? It takes place in the future? And it's graphically way different. Still good, but definitely not the first trailer.


Impressions from Polygon were OK. Maybe the game could be improved.


And then... nothing. As someone from Reset said:





2018 - the trademark is renewed!

2019... hope has faded again."



So what happened? Here's word from an insider:





Sub 10fps, initial trailer was a constant bullshot, it wasn't fun, it was failing. 


The only reason I'm posting is thread is because I saw someone else do it, and we're almost at the 6-year mark from the PS4 intro event (and probably a little under 2 years away from next gen). I also didn't know all this other stuff about Deep Down, including the gameplay impressions, so now that I found it out, I'm like, "...I guess it really wasn't going to be great to begin with lol."

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9 minutes ago, Xbob42 said:

It's a shame that the boards got reset. We had some folks 100% convinced that those visuals would be running that smoothly and in real-time on these systems. I think one person directly attributed it to 8GB GDDR5™.


Was good stuff!


I missed out on that fun, then. :( 


I remember doubts that 8GB GDDR5 would be a thing, or that it would be affordable if it had 8GB GDDR5 at the time. Sounds like some people got a little too excited. :p 

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I really wanted this. This was during the time of the Dark Souls craze and capcom did good with Dragon's Dogma years back and fans were wanting something. This wasn't DD, but it looked great. This was gonna be the next big thing. At least, that was how I felt for a year or so and then it never happened. 

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