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Red-hot planet: All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week

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North America

  • A massive and intense heat dome has consumed the eastern two-thirds of the United States and southeast Canada since late last week. It’s not only been hot but also exceptionally humid. Here are some of the notable all-time records set:
  • Denver tied its all-time high-temperature record of 105 degrees on June 28.
  • Burlington, Vt., set its all-time warmest low temperature ever recorded of 80 degrees on July 2.
  • Montreal recorded its highest temperature in recorded history, dating back 147 years, of 97.9 degrees (36.6 Celsius) on July 2. The city also posted its most extreme midnight combination of heat and humidity.
  • Ottawa posted its most extreme combination of heat and humidity on July 1.



Other records for Europe, Asia and Eurasia are in the link.

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Don't worry, guys, I have been assured that this is merely the flames of Hell getting closer to Earth because of the gays and that if we get in a Supreme Court justice who will repeal Roe v. Wade and gay marriage we'll roll the climate back to the 1950s.

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4 hours ago, legend said:

Well. It's been fun guys.



Not for the past two years it hasn't.


It's Trump's ultimate 13D chess move. Make us all so miserable that when his incompetence inevitably leads to disaster we'll all be more than ready to welcome the sweet embrace of death just to get away from him.

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