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President Trump installed a room-sized golf simulator at the White House.

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9 minutes ago, b_m_b_m_b_m said:

SMH continues to undo Obama's legacy



Trump is totally going to take it with him when he leaves the White House.


I actually have zero issue with this. Presidents need downtime and if that downtime can be had on the White House grounds, then all the better. That said, Trump has a whole lot of executive time, so I'm not all that sure he really does need any more down time.

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This is one of those misleading headlines that annoys me. The story seems to want you to think that this is out of the ordinary, when really all that Trump is doing is upgrading Obama's system that may have been an upgrade to Bush's system, etc. 

He's a big enough fuck up as is, no need to create misleading stories. 

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