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Gov. Larry Hogan informs Redskins he is withdrawing effort to build new stadium at Maryland site ‘at this time’

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19 minutes ago, sblfilms said:

60,000 seats seems small. But all government officials should stop allowing sports teams and Ticketmaster/Live Nation to fleece their constituents on these stadiums. Look at how much Jerry Jones got selling PSLs to Cowboys stadium. They can finance the project themselves.

Even Jerry World got $325M from the city of Arlington. The new Rams stadium, despite coming in at $2.6B (nearly $5B for the whole complex) will be entirely privately funded. I'd love for that to be the model going forward, but there's no indication that will be the case. MetLife was built in 2010 without public money, but since then Santa Clara put up $850M for Levi Stadium, the Vikings got ~$500M for their new stadium, and the Falcons got ~$600M (while the nearby Braves got ~$400M in public funds).


I don't think there's much argument to be made that NFL teams couldn't raise money to pay for a new stadium themselves, and if they can't they could almost certainly find a buyer for the team that would, but for some insane reason cities are still far too happy to throw money at them. I'm sad the Chargers left, but I'm at least glad that my city didn't pay the hostage money.

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