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Grocery delivery


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1 hour ago, 2user1cup said:

I just hope the workers are paid okay, I gave a nice tip (20% of the bill). I'm not sure how else they would get paid... I bet some never tip though or tip low.

Good tip. 


Also I would use this type of service but I’m so picky. I like to make sure things like milk and yogurt are always the most lastest date. Also with my fruit I like to pick and choose only the best.  I’m worried that the person doing my shopping for me won’t be as picky. 

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11 hours ago, Jose said:

Grocery shopping is my absolute fave. Not paying someone to take away this life pleasure away from me.

I used to like shopping but I'm starting not to be able to stand it. First peeve are dumb oblivious people.  The ones that will block an entire aisle with their cart and their body.  Then the other are aisles that are too small because the store sets up big cardboard display stands everywhere not allowing two people with carts to walk by each other.  

We have had our groceries delivered a few times.  Its always been a great experience.  The person doing the shopping will txt a bunch of questions while they are shopping like how green/yellow you want the bananas, or how thin do you want lunch meat sliced.  I liked it but we're trying to save money where we can and I dont always want to spend an extra $20-30 between fee/tip to have it delivered. 

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1 hour ago, kittykat said:


I’m sure they do lol I said that so OP would clue in that they get paid from that too 

Thing is the fee is 3.99, what does the company get? Am I really paying someone under 4.00 for driving to and from, and then back home, and for an hour of work less than minimum wage without a tip???

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5 hours ago, kittykat said:

At my grocery chain when they first started this service they advertised that you will always get the best stuff picked out. I read into it and I guess this is an important point of training the staff because it’s the #1 concern of customers who are unsure about trying it. I’ve always been happy and impressed with what they pick out for me. They definitely aren’t careless and pick only the best stuff. 


Yep, these people work at the grocery store, they know what good product is. They could probably pick it out better than you can.

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