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Oklahoma man arrested for neglecting father, living with his corpse for months, and stealing his money

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Court records show officers noted the unmistakable smell of a decomposing body, and that Little was ‘located partially laying on his bed face up in an advanced state of decomposition...covered with bugs and appeared to no longer have eyes.'


"We talked to the caretaker-son and he told us his father had been deceased for one or two weeks at that time, and that he was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do," said Landon.


But instead of a few weeks, examiners concluded William Little had been deceased for two to three months in his bedroom, with his son living in the home with the dead body the whole time.


"Even the son told us, he assumed his dad died from dehydration and malnourishment, clearly he felt responsible and we agree that he was responsible," said Landon.



"When the father was still alive we noticed that just a handful of checks were written for a couple hundred dollars," said Landon, "But at some point, and we believe it was after the father was deceased, dozens of checks were written for thousands and thousands of dollars."



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Just now, SFLUFAN said:

Alright - that was my fault.  I apologize!


"Guess The State" should be reserved for stories like being arrested for throwing a pork chop at someone.


Big faux pas on my part (cuz I legit felt REALLY bad reading this), but I'll be more mindful. :) 

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3 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

I didn't read the story but was the son suffering from some sort of mental illness himself or denial? That's pretty fucked up... like Norman Bates fucked up.


At this point, I'd rather it be that because if he let him go so he could steal money (since he hid this death from other family), that's way worse than what already is a creepy situation.

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