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Prime Minister's office instructed Minister of Justice to drop charges against company that bribed Libyan regime. She refused, and was shuffled out.

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This will likely be a big scandal, and could very well topple the government in the fall election (polling is already neck and neck with the Conservatives). This is horrible because Canada's carbon tax relies on the Liberals staying in power. But the Liberals have been totally tone deaf on many issues, and this could be the straw the breaks the camel's back.


How is it so hard to just govern a country without corruption?


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1 hour ago, RedSoxFan9 said:

Trudeau probably should work on not being the avatar for neoliberalism


He is definitely a progressive in name only. And don't get me wrong, he is 100x better than Stephen Harper and has done a few good things (and by being PM has prevented Harper from doing bad things he would have). But he has walked back on some of his biggest promises and has put image above governance many times.


Having said that, I will still vote for my local Liberal MP since he is great (one of the greatest Parliamentarians in our country for sure). 

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I wonder if we will ever get to the truth on this because I feel this is just Jody causing shit because she got shuffled to another cabinet.


Also while I could see this sinking the liberals I feel it won't do much in the end because the two other parties are doing a horrible job at the moment. Specially the opposition who continues to make a huge Stink about something only for it to come out a few weeks later they were doing the same thing.  Not to mention Doug Ford is doing a bang up job pissing off Ontario and that will hurt the CPC come election time.

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Yeah I would rather have Trudeau in office. I don’t trust the PC party, and like chakoo. I have to deal Doug Ford at my premiere and I worry what might happen to my ability to grow marijuana at home (nice hobby with benefits) I guess I would be ok with the NDP but I like Trudeau even with these flaws 

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